The world of art is always undergoing shifts and 2019 is anticipated to see new styles and developments. In this competitive market, everyone is on the lookout for the next big thing. Although it’s not possible to completely predict what will occur in 2019, these are a few areas that experts are anticipating will be big in the coming year. 

Female-Centric Pieces

Women have long been the subject of pieces but this is a year to see women depicted as being disempowered and even fetishized. With this past year, there has been greater attention to the way that women have been treated. Their mistreatment in both personal and professional areas will be big this year. Artists such as Ivy Haldeman & Katie Stout are expected to see huge growth in their work, which can be seen at Gallery Vibe.

With these two artists, the female figure is not seen as an object of beauty and even not seen as a symbol of empowerment. Rather, the female figure is active but also seen as an object to be used. It’s a poignant statement on the social movements happening in the world today. 

Natural Sculptures

Sculpture is a fascinating medium and one that can engage the viewer deeply. There are many artists working in sculpture that are anticipated to produce amazing works for 2019. The theme of many of these pieces is a mix of natural and industrial materials. With a new focus on the environment, artists are marrying the natural and industrial in new and exciting ways. Take for example, the artist Jose Davila. He was trained as an architect and often uses industrial elements such as steel blocks and other building materials coupled with found objects from the natural world. It’s anticipated that this area of sculpture will see growth in 2019. 

LGBT Artists and Work

The medium of film has slowly been building up to this point and works featuring LGBT sexuality are anticipated to be more present in paintings, drawings, and other visual pieces this year. Although passion has always been a subject of art, it’s anticipated that these pieces will show a more nuanced view of everyday life for people who consider themselves LGBT. One artist who works in this area is Louis Fratino. His paintings are primarily of homosexual love but doesn’t confine his work to just sexuality. 

Similarly Martine Guutierrez is a trans artist of Mayan heritage who also explores gender, identity, and sexuality in her pieces. Her work is less serious and tends to be smart and funny. By appealing to the larger population, she reaches a broad audience and she along with similar artists will be in the public eye in 2019

Fine Art Trends for 2019

It’s often said that art imitates life. Art galleries Naples Florida are certainly influenced by current events, which is why many of these anticipated trends bear similarities to social movements and influences of recent months. For those that enjoy art, expect to see more social commentary on display in the galleries. These artists and styles are anticipated to be trends in the coming year.